Ancient Roman Poor People: The Roman Empire was huge and there lived a lot of people belonging to different class, culture etc. and thus there were many different ways of living. Rome’s population was over 1 million and thus the possibility of there living people of different culture, class, and status was very high.

Ancient Roman Poor People

Most of the ancient Roman population resided in the villages and thus was engaged mainly in the agricultural activities and thus were poor.

Ancient Roman Poor People

Only a handful of the population resided in the towns as all of them could not afford to do so. The equality among the Roman classes was less than what was there in Europe and North Africa.

Conflict Between Poor and Rich class

Because of the existence of the poor class and the conflict between the poor class and the rich class, there were many at times outburst and violent prosecutions by the minority groups. Many inhabitants of the Rome were very poor. Often they had to live off a ‘dole’ of free grain provided by the government.

Ancient Roman Poor People

People were forced into slavery throughout the Empire, from beginning to the end. The big farms were worked by the slaves who were treated very badly. These slaves were made to work in the houses, in the stables, in the laundry etc.

Where did poor Romans live

The slaves also worked in the Roman government and for a private businessman, managers etc. or for running the shops. The slaves who worked in the mines had the worst life. They were the people who had no money for themselves.

Ancient Roman Poor People

Children of Slaves Life

The children of slaves were considered to be slaves automatically. A slave’s life was no doubt horrid. It was not only the poor people who were forced to work as slaves but the prisoners of the war were also made to do this dreadful work.

Ancient Roman Poor People

The people living in the villages were so poor that they could not afford to send their children to schools and colleges. This privilege was available to only the families living in the cities and towns.

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