Ancient Roman Recipes

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink: The primitive notion that one’s personality is determined by what one likes to eat was held to be true in the ancient Roman times as well. Food also, in the ancient Roman period defined class and status.

Poor and Rich Roman food

While the papers and the lower Roman classes ate cereals and bread as their daily food, the rich and prosperous classes enjoyed exotic meals of different varieties.

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink

The ancient Romans generally ate one large meal daily. Breakfast called Ientaculum, if taken, was a light meal which included nothing but a loaf of bread. This was followed by the main meal of the day, that is dinner called Cena at midday, followed by a small supper in the evening called Vesper.

In Ancient Rome, cereals were the staple food. Bread was the only most often eaten food in ancient Rome. It was sometimes sweetened with honey or cheese and eaten along with sausage, domestic fowl, eggs or fish. Fish and oysters were very popular, and even meat, particular pork was in high demand.

The ancient Romans also ate cakes, pastries, and tarts which were baked commercially and at home, often sweetened with honey. Vegetables, such as cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, onion, garlic, radishes, lentils, and beans were imported. Fruits and nuts were also available to the Roman consumer.

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink

A variety of strongly flavored sauces, spices, and herbs were very popular ingredients of the ancient Roman cuisine. This is inferred from the archaeological evidence, literary references as well as paintings and portraits. The ancient Romans loved wine. However, they drank it adulterer with water, spiced and heated.

Ancient Roman Drinks

The undiluted wine was considered to be barbaric. Pasca was probably popular among the lower ancient Roman classes. It was a drink prepared from watering down acetic acid, similar to vinegar. Beer and mead were most commonly drunk in the northern Roman provinces.

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink

Milk, especially from sheep or goats, was considered to be barbaric and was hence reserved for making cheese or medicines.

Roman Dinner Party

The ancient Romans sat upright to eat, but the wealthy Romans often reclined on couches at dinner parties or ate outside in gardens. Food was eaten with the fingers and cut with knives crafted using wood or bronze with an iron blade.

Ancient Roman Eating Food and Drink

Bronze, silver, and bone spoons were used to for eating. These spoons contained pointed handles which could be used to extract and dig out shellfish or snails from their shells.

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