Ancient Roman Glass Beads

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

This article gives information on glass beads in ancient Roman times, ancient Roman glass beads jewelry.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads:

The ancient Roman beads are yet another artifact which is one of the major findings of the excavations of Rome. Glass was mainly used in the creation of art pieces, utensils, and jewelry in the early Rome.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

Ancient Roman glass beads are one of those beautiful pieces that were discovered in the archeological digs and have their origin 2000 years to the time of the Roman Empire.

Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

The Roman Glass that is used today in Israel for making jewelry was found in archeological excavations in the lands of Israel. The delicate roman glass beads that were buried were buried under the earth for ages are beautifying the modern jewelry today with the unique, elegant aqua shades and the facets that were given to them add meaning to the beauty.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

The natural phenomenon of the glass is to shine and the Roman glass beads are adding shine to the earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that we see today.

In early Roman Empire, various techniques that the artists used for making glass articles were cutting, grinding, forming, casting etc. But later, after the invention of glass blowing technique, a huge variety of glass articles was available in the markets. A wide range of shapes was found in the glass articles. The glass beads were also made in various shapes: cylindrical, cuboid, spherical, etc.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

Since glass was pretty famous in the ancient times, we are endowed with the splendor of various art pieces of glass that are influenced by the ancient Roman jewelry trends and patterns. The beauty of Roman glass jewelry is enhanced by the people today.

Famous glass jewelry

Some of the most famous glass jewelry pieces of those times include a typical green blue old glass beads woven in a silver string. A wide range of silver or gold pieces of jewelry of those times with the famous Roman glass beads was found in the archeological digs and are adored by the artists today.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

At the beginning of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Roman glass beads jewelry reached its peak during the Augustan age. This was the period when the most elegant and most precious Roman Glass beads jewelry was created.

Roman Museums

A very fine piece of jewelry that is found in the Roman museums is a 16″ glass necklace that was cut into thick disc shapes and was woven into silver strings. The strand of the necklace includes translucent green and blue glass beads arranged in the strand from light to dark beads.

Ancient Roman Glass Beads

Roman glass Eye beads

The Ancient Roman ultra cool blue beads have been a favorite of the artists of those times. The ancient Roman glass eye bead was another piece of art and history that is still in demand.

The replicas of these original eye beads are used as pendants in the necklaces. The ancient Roman glass beads were also found in the Nimroz province of Afghanistan. The beads found in this region were around 900 to 1200 years old and were recently excavated in 2006.