Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style

Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style

Ancient Roman Artists: When Rome was ancient, it was still a place that was quite crowded and noisy. It was quite a busy city. That had very large structures of buildings and temples.

Ancient Roman Artists

The Romans were people who did not just worship only one God.

Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style


The influence that the Roman artists got was a number of things. There is evidence of the Roman artists getting influenced by some of the countries that they ruled like Greece, Africa and also Egypt. So the Roman style is something that is a mixture of the best styles of each of these cultures.

Famous Roman Painting and Sculptures

Roman people were very religious and believed a lot in worshipping. They were also quite influenced by the emperors and the rulers of the land. There are a number of paintings and sculptures that have the masters and the leaders of those times.

Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style


The Romans used different types of art forms. Many of the Roman building have murals on their walls and many other also had very large paintings.

Roman Architecture

The architecture was also something that was quite popular then. All forms of structures including buildings, monuments, temples, etc formed a part of the architecture.

Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style

They are in the form of status and portraits also. The statues are quite a lifelike and they have images of the Gods and Goddesses. There are some emperors also who have been used in the art forms by the artists.

Ancient Roman Artists Influence Style


There are four types of styles that have been commonly used by the artists. The first style is when they painted the walls and the ceiling and tries to give a look of marbles or else they tried to copy the Greek decoration style.

The second style was of painting the realistic looking sceneries. The third was of less realism and this was about making quite delicate images. The forth was called the tricking of the eye because it used the mixture of the second and the third style.


The materials used by the artists of the ancient Roman Empire were, of course, the paint brushes. This was a basic tool. These brushes were made up of either twigs or wood. For the purpose of writing, wood or ivory was used.

There were paints that were made up if rocks and some were made up of plants. The color green was obtained from the green soil and while came from chalk. The blue color was obtained by mixing copper and glass.