Ancient Roman Rings and Jewellery

Ancient Roman jewelry is diverse in its forms and types, and rings occupy an important place among them. Ancient Roman Rings were worn both for beauty and to worship the gods.

Ancient Roman rings history

Rings also served the purpose of signing the documents with Roman seal. By a technique called Intaglio, the design on the ring was carved in the inverse to leave a raised surface on the stamped material.

Roman Rings and Jewellery

In addition, rings indicated the societal status which they possessed. We know that ancient Roman society was divided into a number of classes and each class group exhibited their status in the form of these small objects.

Roman Rings and Jewellery Facts

An upper caste woman adorned herself with different types of rings. But according to some historians, women of ancient Rome wore jewelry without the constraints of social classes.

Roman Rings and Jewellery

A gold ring often consisted of a huge gemstone or Roman glass which was generally worn by the Senators and the bureaucrats. The Plebeians or the common people could wear only iron rings. But, in special circumstances when commoners prove their worth, they were also allowed to wear golden rings.

Different patterns and symbols of Roman Rings

Roman rings were made of different patterns and symbols. Rings were made of objects like gold, silver, copper, bronze, and glass. A legionary ring was worn by a legionary in ancient Rome.

Ancient Roman Rings and Jewellery

A person had to undergo rigorous practices to wear this ring. Signet was a personalized ring used to authorize documents worn by adults, generally. Roman rings continue to be adorned today.

Different types of Roman Rings

The Romans rings were of different types and styles. Some rings even had a purpose, such as signing important documents with the Roman seal. ‘Intaglio’ was a popular technique in ancient Roman rings which meant that the design on the ring was carved on the inverse to leave a raised surface on the material that the ring was made