Since time immemorial women have been looked upon as slaves of men and in the ancient Roman period, there was no exception to the aforesaid. Roman Women were considered inferior to men. They were considered an object of beauty, as a tool to raise the family, maintain the house and bring up children.

Ancient Roman Women


The life of the ancient Rome woman was controlled by her husband. She was supposed to lead somewhat a cloistered life.

Ancient Roman Women

The ancient Roman women were allowed to visit public baths, go shopping and meet friends and relatives. They could indulge in social activities and public festivities only if their husbands took them along in such social banquets.

Ancient Roman Women

The ancient Rome women were pre-empted from singing and dancing. These activities of revelry and merry-making were not entertained in the ancient Roman times. Moreover, an important point to note is that dancing was considered the first step to prostitution.

Women’s Rights in ancient Rome

The ancient Rome women were conferred upon minimum rights. In fact, there were several restrictions upon the rights and freedom of the ancient Roman women.

Ancient Roman Women

The woman of ancient Rome did not have the right to divorce her husband even if her husband dated another woman. On the other hand, the husbands had the right to murder and slaughter an adulterine wife and her lover. This explicitly shows that the ancient Roman society was men-oriented and biased. It had no respect and honor for women.

Roman Women Facts

Further, since the ancient Roman women did not enjoy any rights and privileges so it is evident that they had no voting rights as well. Also, she could not be a witness.

Ancient Roman Women

She was dependent on her father as a daughter, on her husband as a wife and on a tutor as a widow all through her life. Even in respect of legal custody of children, the ancient Roman children belonged to the father, even after divorce.

In such a restricted society, there were very few female doctors, secretaries, hairdressers, teachers, and tailors, etc. This was an exceptional and a rare case. There were, however, a few female gladiators as well.

Roman women and Their Jewelry

The ancient Roman women were very fond of jewelry. They wore all sorts of jewelry as a part of their daily apparel. The lower class ancient Roman women wore amber jewelry. The elite and more prosperous classes decked themselves with gold and precious stones.

Ancient Roman Women

Thus, the ancient Roman women occupied a very insignificant status in the ancient Roman Society and were barred from leading a free life.

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