Ancient Roman Occupations

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs

The ancient Roman Empire was a huge Empire. The Roman Occupations extended to various spheres of the ancient Roman life. The occupations in ancient Rome differed from being political, military and social.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs

They were categorized into the following. Political, Administration, Military, Farming, Trade and Merchants, Religious, Entertainment, Artists, Lawyers, and Teachers, etc.

What did patricians do in ancient Rome

The politicians in ancient Rome were unequivocally and solely Patricians. They enjoyed tremendous power and authority in the ancient Roman Empire. The administrative works were carried out by the following persons.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs

They were the Procurator who was an agent holding a good deal of posts ranging from finance to administration. There was the Publicans, a tax collector; the Notarii were clerks who recorded the minutes of the meetings and lastly the Rationalis, who was a high ranking administrator.

Ancient Roman jobs for plebeians

Gradually, the Plebeians were also permitted to enter into office. Some of the jobs in ancient Rome comprised of Senators, Magistrates and Provincial Governors. Magistrates included Consul, Quaestors, Aedile, Praetor, Equities, popularly called knights and finally the finance Censor, who was responsible for maintaining the census of the Roman citizens and the senators and also collected the state taxes.


Other ancient Roman administrative professions were those of lawyers, the police, the firemen and the law enforcing officers such as jailors, torturers, and executioners. Teaching was considered as a respectable and learned Roman Occupations.


In ancient Rome, the army was an unalienable part of the Empire. A slew of soldiers was recruited to the army personnel.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs Army

There were several ranks in the ancient Roman army like Centurion, Legionaries, and Tribune.


Farming occupation was an essential one in ancient Rome. Dairy farming was very important from the day to day purposes. It was by means of farming that the ancient Romans received their food.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs Farming

Roman Occupations of religious

In ancient Rome occupations of religious nature were also prevailing. Priests were the religious head of the ancient Roman Republic and they performed various religious ceremonies and animal sacrifices.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs Cults


The tradesmen in ancient Rome were mainly blacksmiths, barbers, tool and weapon makers. The ancient Romans were also merchants and they imported a number of goods.The history of ancient Rome witnesses a spectacular style of architecture.

Ancient Roman Occupations Jobs design

There were construction workers for building temples, aqueducts, villas, public baths, etc. Mainly slaves were employed to undertake the menial labor but skilled Romans were engineers and architects.

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