Ancient Roman Glossary of Words

Ancient Roman Discoveries Inventions

Ancient Roman Discoveries: The ancient Roman civilization gave rise to some of the more intriguing inventions that have taken place throughout the centuries. The Romans learned a great deal from the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient Roman Discoveries in Different Field:

Fast curing cement

The fast curing cement hugely important Roman Discoveries which allowed cement to cure and harden in short times and even underwater. The ancient Romans realized that adding pozzolanic earth from volcanic regions (Eg. Pozzuoli near Naples) to traditional mortar allowed a waterproof and extremely solid mix.

Ancient Roman Discoveries Inventions

This could be used to waterproof the interior of aqueduct tunnels or extend the potentials of Roman architecture with important buildings and domes such as the Pantheon.

Sewage System

Sewage system called the cloaca maxima. It discharged Rome’s waste into the river Tiber to keep the city clean and healthy. The Romans did believe that illnesses had a natural cause and that bad health could be caused by bad water and sewage.

Roman numerals

Roman numerals essentially constructed around fingers on the hand: I, II, III, IV, V, and X are 1,2,3,4,5 and 10. The V stands for an open hand of fingers whilst the X (10) is two open hands back to back. Not very good for pure mathematics but perfectly ok for counting up your goods as they get stacked up in the warehouse.

Ancient Roman Discoveries Inventions

Public toilets

Public toilets Roman houses and streets also had toilets. Other civilizations had also used toilets but they had been the preserve of the rich and were essentially a sign of your wealth. By 315 AD, it is said that Rome as a city had 144 public toilets which were flushed clean by running water. All forts had toilets in them. Emperor Vespasian placed a tax on using the toilets and in the urine.

The dome which is often used in the construction of religious and political structures was conceived and first built by the Romans prior to the first century AD. The Pantheon in Rome is the oldest known structure that contains one of these domes.

Mass produced blown glass and sheet glass were used for windows. Glass wasn’t invented or discovered in Rome although the variety of uses and production techniques of ancient Roman glass greatly evolved thanks to the market economy and open trade across the Roman empire.


Clothing Socks (called Soccus by the ancient Romans) worn by both women and men were also invented in ancient Rome. Shoes, all kinds of shoes, including the hobnailed shoe that made such a scary racket when worn by the common soldier – along with shoe construction that adjusted for the left foot, right foot variance in shape, which made wearing any shoes a lot more comfortable and a bunch of neat hats.

Ancient Roman Discoveries Inventions

There are many other ancient Roman inventions which include such things as Coliseums, the odometer, pewter, paddle wheel boats, hydraulic mining, the foot-powered loom and the forced pump.


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