Women of Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Clothing

The Ancient Roman Clothing owed much to that of ancient Greek standards but had some of its own peculiar and distinct features. The primordial Roman clothing was simple and plain. The only extensively used dressing material was wool, though linen was also rarely used.

Ancient Roman Clothing

Stitching and sewing were kept to its minimum usage. Broaches or clasps were used for fastening purposes. The use of buttons was completely ruled out.

Ancient Roman Clothing

The ancient Roman men usually wore two garments, namely the tunica and the toga. The tunica was worn as an undergarment with short sleeves. The tunica was generally worn by people within the cloistered comforts of their homes. The toga, on the other hand, was worn as a public display garment. It was weaved from white wool or valuable linen and was worn by the Roman elite class.

Ancient Roman Clothing

ancient roman tunic

The downtrodden Romans could wear a toga made from any readily available material. Different kinds of tunics were worn by magistrates and senators. For example, the magistrates wore tunics called tunica angusticlavia, and the senators wore tunica laticlavia. In other words, all togas were not the same. Each type of distinct type of toga could demarcate Roman’s status in the society.

The togas were of various distinct kinds. Toga virilis, worn by the adult male, was plain off-white colored. Toga praetexta was worn by magistrates and consuls. It was off-white colored with a purple border. The slight stripe differentiation indicated the magistrate ranks and divisions.

Ancient Roman Clothing

Toga pulla was dark colored, particularly for funeral purposes. Toga Picta was a special purple colored toga embroidered in gold tassels worn by the Roman General during the victory procession.

Roman Women’s Clothing

The ancient Roman women wore tunics in the same manner and fashion as worn by the Roman men. Two large pieces of cloth were sewn together to create a sleeved garment. This outfit was pulled over the head and tied with numerous buttons and pins to form a dress of various styles.

A belt was worn around the waist or the hips to give it a trendy touch. A variety of colors and fabrics were used to create these outfits according to the societal status.

In addition to the dress and Ancient Roman Clothing, the ancient Romans, both men, and women decked themselves with jewelry and were fond of perfumes of several sorts. The ancient Roman women adorned themselves with make-up. Such adornments were as popular in those primitive times as in the present day situation.


Roman Stola

The stola was a garment is Designed for the women. Roman women’s worn Stola over the undertunic and under the palla. Stola was usually made of wool. the stola itself have sleeves and it could pin on a soldier

Ancient Roman Toga

Roman Toga

So with the change from a boy to the man, the dressing changed from tunics to robes over it. The toga was the popular wear that looked like a robe and it was worn over the dresses.