Ancient Roman Textiles

Ancient Roman Clothing for Men

Roman Clothing for Men: The dresses worn by the Romans were an indication of their rank, office, and status. Some jobs and posts had a legal connotation which specified the type of clothes that should be worn.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Men

Public display and recognition were two very important elements in the ancient Roman society. The Roman Clothing for Men was designed in such a manner that it spoke about the social status of the person who was wearing it. It was considered that the more distinguished a weaver, this will be known by the distinctly marked designs that he would prepare.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Men

Dresses of Roman Peoples

The dresses of the people of the lower class were not at all marked. There are some costumes that can be identified with different profession and status. A normal Roman citizen would wear a toga almost of the time. A senator would wear colored shoes and his tunic will have broad stripes. The similar costumer but with a border on the toga would mean that the person is some kind of an officer.

A person who is Royal and is of the rank similar to that of the emperor would mean the person would wear a robe. A general would wear a typical uniform with a cloak.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Men

But the distinction is not as clear as it was for those people. Today when we look at the pictures of the people, we can get confused in understanding the professions very explicitly. It was observed especially for the people if the lower class, that the clothing was at a time quite misleading and confusing. No clear understanding can be drawn in some cases.

There were masters and there were slaves. They were differently dressed for clear understanding.

It was quite clearly emphasized by the August and the emperors who ruled later on the there were different clothing that had to be worn on different occasions by people of different statuses.

Official dresses of Romans

Some people had official dresses which were thought not worn at all times but they had to be compulsorily had to be worn at official meetings and gatherings. There were certain specific dresses that had to be worn when a person went to the public meeting and gathering in theatres and also in amphitheaters.

Most of the garments for the men were made up of wool. Spinning and weaving of the wool were done by the women for a very long time. The well to do Romans bought clothes that were made up of linen, silk, and cotton.

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