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Ancient Roman Clothing for Children

Ancient Roman Clothing for Children: There was quite typical clothing of the ancient Roman children. The dresses were different for the boys and for the girls.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Children

Ancient Roman Clothing for Children

Roman boys

The Roman boys usually wore tunic which was of the length till their knees. Most of these tunics were white in color. These white tunics had a crimson color border.

This was the very common dress that was worn by the boys. Once the boy became a man, there was a complete change in the way they dressed. When a boy attained the age of 16 or 17, he was made the citizen.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Children

The entire process of making him the citizen was quite a joyous celebration in itself. The day included inviting of the relatives and the family people as guests. The party would generally end with a dinner party for all the guests.

So with the change from a boy to the man, the dressing changed from tunics to robes over it. The toga was the popular wear that looked like a robe and it was worn over the dresses.

Roman girls

In Roman Clothing for Children, the dressing of the Roman girls was quite simple. The girls wore a simple tunic and the tunic was accompanied by a belt over the tunic. The belt was worn around the waist. Different varieties of belts were available and according to the occasion, the girl would change her belt.

The tunic was quite long in length and they generally reached the length of the feet. In case the girls had to go out, then they would wear another tunic on top of this one. This tunic that was worn over a tunic was comparatively fancy looking.

Ancient Roman Clothing for Children

Describe the bulla and its Purpose

Bulla was a very important accessory that was worn quite compulsorily by all the boys and girls in the ancient Rome. The bulla was a kind of a very special locket. This locket was either worn around the neck or it was worn on the form of an armlet.

There was a very strong belief regarding bulla. It was believed that bulla has the power to protect the young children from all types of evil forces and powers. The objective was to provide the children with a safe and protected childhood, which is free from any evil or negative forces.

The bulla was worn by the girls till they got married. The boys were supposed to discard the bulla once they became a citizen.

Roman Stola

The stola was a garment is Designed for the women. Roman women’s worn Stola over the undertunic and under the palla. Stola was usually made of wool. the stola itself have sleeves and it could pin on a soldier

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