Women of Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People: In the ancient Roman times, the family held a very strong and a solid position in the society. The roman families were basically patriarchal in nature. The whole authority of the family rested in the hands of the father.

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

The family usually consisted of the father, the mother, unmarried daughters (if any), son either married or unmarried. The father’s authority and power was the supreme.

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

Talking about marriages, there were two types of marriages. The age of marriage was a minimum of 12 years for the girls and a minimum of 14 years for the boys.

Family Life in ancient Rome

The birth of a child was the most important occasion that was enjoyed and celebrated to the fullest. The child was considered as the legitimate of the family and especially of the father.

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

Education was provided both to the girl child and to the boy child. After a few years of in-house education, the boys were sent outside for more of formal education, while the girls continued their education in their homes.

Poor Romans

The Roman streets were usually very crowded at all times. The poor people of those times lived in cottages and in rented houses or in rented rooms. The rich Romans lived with all the possible luxuries of life in villas. These villas were surrounded by gardens and pools. They had all the possible facilities at their disposal.

The houses were beautifully designed and they were surrounded by flowers and fountains.

Roman Clothings

Talking about the clothing of the ancient Romans, it was noticed that tunic formed the most important apparel for them. It was like a long cloth made up of cotton. The tunic was worn by almost everyone when they were home and when they went out they wore a toga over it.

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

Roman Food

The food habits were pretty much the way they are followed even now. There were 3 major meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Romans had this habit of eating what was prepared the previous day. The meals majorly consisted of fish, fruits, cheese, bread, and wine.

Ancient Roman Daily Life of People

The habits were such that the people used to have their dinner sitting on the sofa. People had slaves whose work was to serve food to their masters.

Whenever the Romans got free time, they engaged themselves in leisure activities like sports and circus games. A lot of time of every individual was spent at these cultural gatherings and meeting.