Ancient Roman Gold Coins

Ancient Roman Coin Values

Roman Coin Values: During the ancient Roman period, the currency was in the form of coins. The coins were minted using different metals like gold, silver, copper, and bronze. These coins were used as currency approximately from 3rd century BC to 3rd century AD.

Ancient Roman Coin Values

During the Roman Empire period, aureus were gold coins, denarius the silver, sestertius, and dupondius were the bronze coins. The coins minted during the ancient Roman period were of intrinsic value.


The denarius was the main silver coin of Rome and was very commonly produced. It was a small coin first introduced in 211 BC and was minted on a large scale. The denarius coin gradually debased and was eventually substituted by antoninianus.

Ancient Roman Coin Values

The antoninianus coins were also known as double denarius. The value of the ancient Roman coins was higher than its metal content. It is believed that the value of the denarius was anything between 1.6- 2.8 times the value of its metal content.

Roman coins comprised

the Roman currency comprised the coins of gold, silver, brass, and copper. The ancient Roman coins comprised the gold coins termed as the Aureus coins which were used widely in the transactions till the middle of the 3rd century AD.

The Denarius i.e. the silver coins were mostly used during third century AD. As per the records found in the numismatic libraries, the other coins which were very widely used in the western half of the Roman Empire were Sestertius and Dupondius coins.

The ancient Roman coins gained a significant value in the numismatic fraternity. The Renaissance kahunas showed the readiness to pay a sizeable amount of money for these coins and for the artwork including the portraits of the emperor.

The ancient Roman(27 BC- 301 AD)- coin values were as follows-

  • Aureus DenariusSestertiusDupondius
  • Aureus1 25100 200
  • Denarius 1/251 4 8
  • Sestertius1/1001/4 1 2
  • Dupondius 1/2001/8 1/2 1

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