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Ancient Roman Childrens Games

Ancient Roman Childrens Games: They toys of the ancient Roman children included a different variety of board games, balls, tiny models, kites, and hobbyhorse. The ancient Romans played with various toys made up of metals. These toys included bells that were used to jingle people and they were also used to warn people.

Ancient Roman Childrens Games

The boys played different types of games using the ball. They also played stilts and other games like tic-tac-toe. This game was the known as knucklebones. This was a type of game that was played with bones.

Ancient Roman Childrens Games

The boys also enjoyed playing a lot of war and fight rated games. They played as if they are actually fighting a war and they had wooden swords so that the war would look more real. These game wars were also quite fierce.

Ancient Roman Childrens Games

There was a game called Troy. This was a team game and the team had to resist a whole team of kids who outnumbered the team member’s count. The game involved dragging and crossing the line.

Roman Children’s board games

The girls had different sort of games and they played majorly with dolls. These dolls were made either of wax or of clay. There were also some rags toys that were quite popular. Some girls also played board games and also some ball games. Very few girls played games that involved lifting of the weights.

Ancient Roman Childrens Games were something that was loved by Roman. Everyone of all ages loves spending time playing games. Games actually became a primary source of entertainment for them. There is evidence from the ancient times about people playing games that involved building houses with the blocks, riding on the hobbyhorses and another game was about riding the mice on the little toy carts.

Ancient Roman Toys

While the children from the rich families could afford to buy expensive toys and games, the people from the poor families did not have very sophisticated games and toys. The kids from the poor families had to work and help at a house in order to afford money for playing with toys.

Ancient Roman Childrens Games

With the working hours, it was also difficult for them to take out time for playing games. So somehow they used to try and used to take out some time for toys and for games. There were some kids who were unfortunately treated as slaves. These kids did not have the bright childhood life and in fact, had no time to play.

A lot of time was spent by the kids with their pets. Dogs were the favorite pets loved by the children. Different birds were also kept as pets; some of these birds were ducks, geese, and pigeons. Monkey as a pet was not very common.

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