Ancient Roman Accomplishments

Ancient Roman Accomplishments

Ancient Roman Accomplishments

following are the ancient Roman accomplishments

1. The Empire

The empire is the most obvious and the biggest accomplishment of the Roman people. The empire is so huge that it is almost spread over three large continents. This is something that lasted for a very long time.

Ancient Roman Accomplishments

If we divide the time:

From 625BC to 476 AD= 1101 years. This is the time that includes the time of the Eastern Roman Empire’s age.

This is something so very long.

2. The Roman army

It is the Roman army that has achieved a lot of fame in the past. The army was considered to be very incredible. It was seen that the army was so strong that they defeated pretty much everyone they fought.

It was this army that was the strongest in the past. It is quite obvious that at that time, they did not have airplanes and the war was fought pretty much on the land itself.

They didn’t even have sophisticated war equipment either.

3. Builders

There was no civilization that has been identified according to the infrastructure and building that they had. It was the Roman roads, baths, walls, tempers, etc that looked almost out of the world.

Ancient Roman Accomplishments

4. Latin

After conquering the empire what they brought with themselves was the language and this language was Latin. It was the language that was used by the army. Even the government and all the office work was with the aid of this language.

5. Alphabet

The Roman alphabet is something that is being used even today. It has very few letters. The roman numbers though still exist but they are not very commonly used now. What we use now are the Arabic numbers. But a lot of inscriptions are still done in Roman language.

6. Roman law

Roman law was something that was obviously a great institution. Many ideas of justice have been developed and modified here. Some of them are being used even today quite significantly.


They have formed the base for lawmaking. These were written down in twelve plates that were made up of bronze.

This was the first example of any form of written law.

It was later that the Roman emperor named Constantinople made changes and refined the laws. This was known popularly as the Justice Code. The western societies justice and other laws are quite based on these.

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