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Ancient Roman Soccer Game

Roman Soccer Game: Rome civilization can be seen as a society which was constantly showing signs of being a progressed civilization. Various proofs tell us that it was expanding in each and every respect. Historical findings have shown many things right from the overall growth of mankind up to the establishment of a social attribute to human life.

Roman Soccer Game

Innovations in sports during Roman period is a good example of this, as due to sports such as a simple ball game, the man was becoming more and more social in every respect.

Attributes, like leading a team, helping out each and other, increasing unity, were the positives, which helped in building a civilization like Rome.

Harpastum roman game

According to sources, Harpastum which meant, “the small ball game”, was popular for 700 to 800 years. This game was much similar to that of modern-day football/soccer and was played with a relatively smaller and harder ball, compared to follies or paganica.

Harpastum facts

Ancient Roman soccer game-like ball game Harpastum was supposed to be played by 5-12 players on a rectangular field. This field was marked by boundary lines and split by a center line.

Each team had to keep the ball in their own half for as long as they could, whereas their opponents had to get a ball over to their own side. An important rule of Harpastum stated that only the player with the ball could be tackled.

But because of this limitation players started to develop their game with complex passing combinations. This led in developing the skills required to play this game. Players also started to have their own specific team roles.

Also, the game became famous and prospered with a lot of trickery and tactics were also involved later. The feet were scarcely used in the game of Harpastum, but a striking resemblance to rugby can be noted.

Roman Soccer Game

It is speculated that Emperor Julius Caesar played himself and used Harpastum to maintain the physical fitness of his soldiers and keep them ready for the battle purpose. It is also said that the Romans took Harpastum to the British Isles during the time of their expansion.

By their arrival, ball kicking games were present previously on the British Isles. Historical records suggest that a Harpastum match was played between the Romans and the British natives.

Ancient Roman ball games

Even though the Romans won, Harpastum eventually faded out and it is very unlikely that a game like Harpastum could have impacted the later development of football in England. The Romans played a variety of ball games, including Handball called Expulsim Ludere, Trigon, Soccer, Field Hockey, Phaininda, Episkyros, and Dodge Ball

Roman Soccer Game

But even after all this, it is said that the soccer that we see, was not in the minds of the Romans and that they may not have played team soccer yet there are references to boys kicking balls around in the streets.