Ancient Roman Climate

Ancient Roman Climate Weather

Ancient Roman Climate Weather: Rome is located in the Lazio region of central Italy on the Tiber River. The ancient Romans had the same climate as it has today. Because of climate they had some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. But they were able to overcome it as they were very much ahead of their time.

The weather was usually sunny in ancient Rome and had an even amount of rain. It rarely faced any natural calamity like storms, large waves etc. Mother Earth was hardly violent to them. Volcanic eruptions were very rare until Pompeii. Pompeii’s eruption was one of the most devastating, tragically eruptions of its time.

Ancient Roman Climate Weather

Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Summer was normally very dry and winter was cold and blizzard. Spring and autumn are mild to warm. The ancient Roman climate was basically known to be sunny and warm. The average high temperature in January was about 12.9 degree Celsius but during summers it was hotter than this.

Ancient Roman Climate

December and January and February were the months of snowfall. Generally, summer lasted for six months, i.e. from May to October. April and November months were transitional. Sometimes was above 20 degrees Celsius as well.

Coldest Months of Roman

The coldest months of ancient Roman time were December, January, February, and March, with the average temperature of these four months being 13.1 degrees Celsius near city center during the day and 4.7 degrees Celsius at night. Ancient Rome experienced very cold nights during these four months.

Ancient Rome temperature

The average relative humidity during the ancient Roman time was 74.8%, from 72% I July to 77% in November and December. The Daily Mean temperature of the whole year was 15.3 degrees Celsius. The average high temperature of the whole year was 20.5 degrees Celsius and the average low temperature of the whole year was 10 degrees Celsius.

Te average Precipitation for the whole year was 874.7 mm (inches). The average Precipitation days varied from 2.2 days to 10.9 days. The average Precipitation days for the whole year were 84.5 days.

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