Ancient Roman Clothing for Men

Ancient Roman Children Clothing Boys and Girls

Ancient Roman Children Clothing: Something that was very stylish in the Ancient Roman times was the toga. It was a 9-yard long dress that was very much in fashion. Very soon with the change in fashion, people stopped wearing togas.

Ancient Roman Children Clothing

Ancient Roman Children Clothing Boys and Girls

Then the Roman shifted to more comfortable clothing’s and this clothing was in the form of tunics and long tee shirts. 

Now talking specifically about the Roman Children Clothing of the Roman boys and Roman girls:

Roman Boys

The Roman wore tunics that would come up till their knees. Generally, they were of very light colors and mostly they were white in color.

Ancient Roman Children Clothing Boys and Girls

These tunics had crimson borders. One this boy grew up, then he abandoned wearing such clothes and he started wearing an all white tunic.

At what age did a boy become a citizen of ancient Rome

The citizenship was granted to the boy once he became 16 or 17 years old. At this age, he was made the citizen. The day was generally kept close to the 17th of March.

Become a citizen was quite a celebration in itself. This was something that was a grand day for the individual and for his family. On the sixteenth or on the seventeenth birthday, the boy would dress up by wearing a white tunic that was a full tunic.

This was a custom adjusted by the father. The entire day of celebration would end with the family giving a dinner party. This was hosted by the father.

Roman Girls

The dressing on the Roman girls was quite simple. They would dress up by wearing a very simple and plain tunic and this tunic was worn with a belt around their waist.

Ancient Roman Children Clothing Boys and Girls

This was the apparel and clothing mostly when they stayed inside. Whenever these girls used to go out in public, they used to wear another full-length tunic on top of this dress.

Describe the bulla and its purpose

Both the girls and the boys quite compulsorily wore a bulla. The bulla was a special kind of a locket that was given to them at the time of the birth. They would always wear this locket around their necks.

Ancient Roman Children Clothing

This locket contained an amulet and it was believed that this amulet would protect them from all forms of evil. In some cases, this locket was also worn with a cord or with a strap.

The girls wore the bulla till they were married. When they were married, the bulla was kept aside along with all the childhood things like the childhood toys.

And the boys wore the bulla till they became the citizens. The bulla of the boys was then kept aside and it was kept safely with them.

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