Ancient Roman Ceremonies Naming Marriage Death

Ancient Roman Ceremonies Naming Marriage Death

Roman followed different Roman ceremonies related to the different occasions and event of life. They were very particular about following them.

Ancient Roman Ceremonies Naming Marriage Death

Ancient Roman Ceremonies

1. Naming of a baby

The day of the naming of the baby was a very important day. It was great of great joy and a lot of celebrations. The entire event involving giving the name to the children was something that was the grand event. For the celebration of this event, a lot of people were invited.

It was praenomen was the first name that was given. At the time of 100 BC, only 18 names were known. The second name was the name of the clan or the group to which the child belonged. There was also a third name and the third name was given as a reference to the family branch.

This is the day of the naming when tiny metal was strung around the neck of the baby. This was like the present for the baby.

2. Marriage

The roman marriages were monogamous. The minimum legal age for the men was 14 and for the women were 12. Roman marriages were quite a private event and this was held after getting the consent of both the families. There was no legal association with the marriage.

It was in the early Rome, that the right and the control of the woman were passed on to her husband. Marriage was then considered to be something so sacred that divorce was something that people did not even think about.

To divorce was something that was taken as almost a term synonymous with infertility for the woman. Later on, by the time of the late republic divorces started becoming very common. In order to give divorce to a person, the person only had to say “I divorce you” three times.

3. Death

There was a lot of belief in things related to the afterlife. But still, there was no general view on the subject of the afterlife that was accepted by all. All the safes, belongings and the gifts of the deceased were kept in the tomb. There were a lot of superstitions that were related to the ceremony of burial.

Ancient Roman Ceremonies Naming Marriage Death

Generally, the creation was done with the help of the professionals. There were mourning and music at the time of remembrance. There also used to be a procession on the streets of Rome where people; friends and family would come and mourn.