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Hunting in Ancient Rome

As we already know, the ancient Romans had a rather large appetite for sports that in the modern era would be considered to be pretty bloodthirsty. An example of the same would be of their gladiatorial game. The Colosseum housed two types of entertainment. The morning shows were set aside particularly for the hunting of wild animals.

What animals did Romans hunt

Although the hunting started off as a spectacle only in the morning, it became a spectacle in itself which started in the afternoon and went on even for days at times. For this very purpose animals were actually captured.

ancient roman animals

After capturing them, they were carted across the empire all the way to Rome. The real task that was given to the people who transported them was to get them there in good condition so that they would put up a good fight.

Ancient Roman Animals

When the games started, all the gladiators would start and then many gladiators and animals were killed. The opening of the Amphitheatre itself would last about 100 days and many gladiators and animals would already be killed.

ancient roman animals

They were kept in cages and raised in elevators driven by weights and then put into rooms around the podium from where they can enter an arena. If the animals were resistant they were forced in with torches which only went on to make them angrier.

The public was usually separated by a wall around 4 feet. This wall would surround the arena for better protection of all the spectators. The wheels of the podium were placed in ivory with sharp edges.

These sharp edges prevented the animals from climbing over as an added security. There were also archers placed on the podium who would help by hitting the beasts that would try to jump over and get to the people.

Roman hunting facts

There were 2 categories of people who took part in the hunting. The first was the prisoners of war or criminals who anyway had no hopes in life and who basically had nothing to live for. They were not respected and the hunting was basically a very gory punishment for them which the people cheered for.

ancient roman animals

The other category of hunters was the voluntary ones who are doing it for personal glory. They are highly respected and usually the trained fighters. The crowd usually cheers them on and hopes for them to win.