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Ancient Roman Colors symbolism

Ancient Roman Colors symbolism:

Roman Colors symbolism

1) Red

During the ancient Roman period, a red colored flag symbolized war or battle. Red color also represented Mars, the god of wars, as per the ancient Roman mythology. This color was even used for make- up by the Romans, especially by the women to color their lips.

2) Blue

This color represented the uniform worn by public servants. Blue color was obtained by extracting dye from indigo and wood.

3) Black

Black color symbolized emotions like mourning or grief during the ancient Roman period.

4) Purple

In ancient Rome, purple color was associated with royalty, power and wealth. Only the aristocrats wore clothes dyed in this color. In Roman Colors symbolism, Purple color was also known as Tyrian purple or Imperial purple. The ancient Romans obtained this color from a dye that was extracted from plants.

5) Green

The green color was used the Romans for eye make- up. During the Roman Empire period, green color was regarded as a symbol of beauty, love and fertility. It was also considered to symbolize Venus goddess. The green color was also worn by courtesans during the ancient Roman period.

6) Yellow

In the ancient Roman period, yellow color was worn during wedding ceremonies. It was a very popular color and was worn by the brides.

7) Indigo

Indigo color like purple was associated with royalty. The color was derived from plants. The dye of indigo color was obtained by virtue of a systematized procedure. According to Roman Colors symbolism, the first process involved fermentation. In the second stage it was filtered and lastly, it was kept for drying. After the last stage, the dye was dried into cakes.

8) White

The white color was basically used by the ancient Roman as a part of their clothing. The Roman men wore white colored clothes known as togas. These togas were made from white wool. White colored marbles were used as flooring in the Roman houses.

The white color was also used to make statues or constructing buildings like church, palaces, etc. The use of white color based products as cosmetics is also known.

9) Orange

Like yellow color, orange was also associated with weddings during the ancient Roman period. The brides wore orange or yellow veils.