Roman Movies Ancient Roman Based Movies Films

Ancient Roman Based Movies Films

There is a whole list of Roman movies that were very popular in the Roman kingdom. I am listing and discussing some of these movies here.

The first set of list of movies is the ones that form a part of the Roman kingdom. Some of such movies are

Duel of the Titans

This movie was made in the year 1961. It stars the very famous Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott. The film has been directed by Sergio Iacobucci. The movie is based upon a revolt of two brothers who are twins. Their parting is something that actually leads to the founding of the city of Rome.

Ancient Roman Based Movies Films

Some of the other Roman Movies are

  • Duel of Champion
  • Hero of Rome and Romulus
  • Sabines
  • The next era is the Roman Kingdom.

Some of the movies of this era that are very popular are

  • Coriolanus
  • Enemy of Rome
  • Coriolanus

It is a tragedy based film. It is a movie that is completely based on the play written by William Shakespeare.

It is a very famous movie even now.

  • Brennus
  • enemy of Rome

These Roman movies that are written by Adriano Bolzoni and Arpad DeRiso. This is a film that was written in the year 1963 and it is based upon the sack of Rome in 387 BC.

The movie that was written in the second Punic war includes Annibale, Jupiter’s daring and the Siege of Syracuse.


Annibale is a movie that has been given this Italian name because the word is equivalent to Hannibal.

The Centurion

The Centurion is a historical drama movie that was made in the year 1961.

The film is basically a love story

It was in the late Republican time that a number of Roman movies were made. All these movies were quite excellent.

1. Julius Caesar

This was made in the year 2002. It is based on the life of Julius Caesar from the time of 82 BC to 44 BC.

The DVD for the same was released quite recently in the year 2004.

2. Cleopatra

This is an epic movie that was made in 1934. This movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The story of the movie centers on Cleopatra.

3. Empire

It is historical drama series. The series shows the struggle of the young person named Octavius. He was the nephew of Julius Caesar.

The series has been completely filmed in Rome and also in south Italy.